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Our Values

Healthy scalp is becoming
an important issue of people
all around the world!
Is your scalp in top shape
and your hair looking alright?

  • Worldwide Average Hair Loss Rate 32.18%
  • World Estimated Hair Loss Population 293.3million!

32.18% of the world’s population is suffering from hair loss,

which is about 292.3 million!
Stress related hair loss is one of the main causes of hair loss
(35%) among people in 20s-30s.

Global Wellkin

Younger generations increased concerns
on hair loss due to environmental, generic factors, and
increased exposure of chemical stimulation

  • Increasing demands for scalp care products

    • People are spending more on beauty and personal care products.
    • Increased population aged 20~64.
    • Various types of scalp/ hair care products are continuously introduced to the market.
  • Bright market prospect

    • Consumers are becoming savvier, demanding, aware of harsh chemical ingredients.
    • Increasing demand for green or natural products.
  • Main consumers

    • Female age group of 18~35, purchasing beauty and personal care products.
    • Age group of 35~54 with concerns like anti-aging, hair loss, hair thinning.
  • Purchasing pattern of scalp/ hair care products

    • Increasing focus on personal grooming, growing consumer's awareness about hair care.
    • Increasing demand for hair loss, dandruff, damaged hair care products with natural ingredients.

Younger generations increased concerns on hair loss due to environmental,
generic factors, and increased exposure of chemical stimulation...

“Scalp/ hair loss care is not a mere service sector, but rather directly
connected to social & marriage life. It is a business area with concept of treatment.”

How much do you know about Korean scalp care?


Scalp care industry has
excellent growth potential.

There is already too much competition of hair and skin care market. It is hard to survive unless there is a special distinguishing feature.

Scalp care is an emerging market with a great potential to grow.
We believe a company that is firmly rooted in the scalp care industry is likely to survive in the industry for a long time.

​This is the story of Wellkin.

When we first started scalp care business in 2006, scalp care was a very new concept and there were just a few places providing the service. Moreover, the service quality was very low, no management system, and program prices were not consistent.

Wellkin was the fist in the industry revealed scalp treatment prices on its website, with affordable prices which made it accessible to the masses rather than being seen as an expensive luxury.

Launched in 2007, Wellkin Scalp Clinique has become Korean No.1 scalp care brand by continuous development of professional techniques (program, device, product), marketing capability, high reliability, and R&D.


We are

not complacent being Korean No.1 With 22 years of beauty industry experience and research on scalp care for the past 17 years, we are reaching global markets to be trusted by global clients.

Quality of growth being our priority, Wellkin will
be available in many countries.

“Quality of Growth” is not about expanding number of branches, rather it is about expansion of the business whilst simultaneously maintaining its quality and effectiveness. This is one of the reason why Wellkin has very low closing rate in Korea.

We will put much effort into expanding our markets in different countries by offering Korean No.1 Scalp care service, products and results and provide our customers the highest level of satisfaction.