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CEO Greetings

Kobizstar is an industry leader in the scalp and hair care.
We provide services for everyone to have happy lives with confidence.

We are not complacent being Korean No.1
With 22 years of beauty industry experience and research on scalp care for the past 17 years, we are reaching global markets to be trusted by global clients. Quality of growth being our priority, Wellkin will become a scalp care brand that is available in the country of most worlds. .

brief history

  • Kimsco Skin&Diet Center, Managing Director (former)
  • AMC Skin&Overweight, Consulting President (former)
  • Kobizstar Corp. global beauty franchise, President (present)
  • Korea Certified Association of Trichology, Vice President
  • Kobizstar Corp. research institute

Kobizstar Co.,Ltd.
President Kang,Ye-Sun

Wellkin provides Korean No.1 Scalp care service.
The best quality products, professional programs, and results to
deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Honesty is the foundation of all, Kobizstar is a brand that professionally manages the lifelong relationship
with customers, which allows us to provide not only quality results, but in every step of the way.

With years of quality professional scalp care experience,
Wellkin will provide proper Korean scalp care service to clients worldwide.

differentiate our service by providing customized program for individuals through scientific methods and Kobizstar’s own devices, products, techniques through understanding structures of the human body.

Having founded on Asia’s wisdom of understanding mankind and nature, and with a focus on true beauty and health that finds harmony between the inner and outer, we strive to satisfy our customers.

We focus on continuous improvement based on our 300,000 client database, research, and development by introducing effective beauty products combined with treatment effects.

Above all, we always quest for beautiful skin and hair to satisfy the needs of our global clients.
We have a mission to nurture beauty professionals around the globe, we will benefit people by sharing our knowledge and know-how.