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KOREA HEADQUARTER4F, 16-18 Yanghwa-ro 8-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Company Overview



Kobizstar is a Korean No.1 company that specializes in scalp care.

We are beauty specialists with 3 brands : Wellkin Scalp Clinique, WELLKIN COSMETICS, and Bitiel Skin/ Body Center

As a leader in the scalp care industry, we operate beauty academy and research lab to possess all-round expertise in scalp care service, product, and education.

Kobizstar is a company that specializes in scalp care, offering Wellkin Scalp Clinique franchise business, WELLKIN COSMETICS, ABIST Beauty Academy, and R&D lab. Kobizstar leads scalp care industry and provides the creative vision by providing professional products and services.


WELLKIN & SOLEP Scalp Clinique

The newly opened Wellkin & Solep Scalp Clinique is a flagship shop in Seoul. This place is open to public, franchisee, and partners to experience Wellkin scalp treatment as well as test WELLKIN COSMETICS.


ABIST Beauty Academy

Kobizstar focuses on fosterage of professional through education and training. At our ABIST academy, we provide training for franchisee as well as beauty professionals who will become leaders of the industry.


4F. R&D Center / Office
5F. Business Rooms

Kobizstar is an industry leader in the scalp and hair care industry. Our goal is to provide services for everyone to have happy lives with confidence.

Kobizstar has a mission to educate and nurture global beauty professionals to share our experience and know-how.


  • 2019~2020

    • Singapore Master Franchise Agreement Signed(Orchard branch)
    • Hongkong Franchise Agreement Signed (Parkview branch)
    • China Master Franchise Agreement Signed
    • WELLKIN COSMETICS launching (Premium Professional Line)
  • 2018

    • Wellkin – Best Loved Brands of Korea
      (Awarded for 6 consecutive years)
    • Solep – Best Brand Awards
      (Awarded for 3 consecutive years)
    • Solep exports to USA, Hong Kong, Russia, Ecuador
    • Wellkin Japan master franchise contract
  • 2016~2017

    • Wellkin - National Consumer Driven Brand Award
    • Solep - 2016 Korea Best Brand Award
    • Wellkin – 2016 The Most Trusted Brand Award
    • Korea Service Satisfied Index Award
    • Open Wellkin in Cambodia
    • Open Wellkin 1st and 2nd branch in China
  • 2014~2015

    • 100TH franchise branch opens
    • Wellkin - Best Service Quality Company Award
    • Top Franchise Company Award by Korea government organization
    • Korea Minister Award (Ministry of Unification)
    • Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Award
  • 2011~2013

    • Launch the Bitiel Smart Beauty Center
    • Establish Kobizstar Co., Ltd. research institute
    • Launch the Solep professional scalp cosmetics
      (for professional clinics/ retail sales)
    • Develop scalp care devices
    • No.1 web traffic in hair care category
    • Wellkin - 2013 Customer Loving Brand Award
    • Solep FDA, CFDA, KFDA Certified
  • 2010

    • Wellkin Scalp Clinique becomes No.1 in the industry
      (No. of branches, sales revenue, No. of clients)
  • 2007

    • Launch the Wellkin Scalp Clinique, contributing
      scalp care market popularization
      (Affordable price, fixed price system, disclose the price on
      the website, expand domestic branch)
  • 2005~2006

    • 2005. Establish Kobizstar Co., Ltd.
      2005. Launch the YvesKlein beauty center
      2006. Launch the aesthetic cosmetics Derma Solutio
  • 1999

    Kobizstar Co., Ltd. President Kang,
    starts beauty business

    • Kimsco Skin&Diet Center, Managing Director (former)
    • AMC Skin&Overweight, Consulting President (former)