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Scalp Care Products

Beauty Starts with WELLKIN COSMETICS

A rich and beautiful hair,
start with WELLKIN COSMETICS scalp care.

WELLKIN COSMETICS is developed through 22 years of beauty research and
17 years of industry leading scalp care experience.

First step of a rich and beautiful hair is having a healthy scalp.

Your hair problems such as hair loss, thinning hair, itchiness, dandruff are result of scalp troubles.

WELLKIN COSMETICS is a professional scalp cosmetics brand developed for healthy scalp care, it is free from
harsh chemical ingredients, formulated with the most fresh ingredients, and high in active ingredient contents.
Start WELLKIN COSMETICS today, to solve your various scalp troubles.

WELLKIN COSMETICS, professional scalp cosmetics with 17 years of history

  • Ingredients renewal to EWG GREEN(safe) level, Harmful ingredients ZERO!

    • EWG standard- green(safety) grad ingredients
    • Increases the amount of natural ingredients components
    • Adds Patent component of antioxidant to promote hair growth and improve scalp / hair growth
    • : Solep α Complex-6 [No. 10-2018-0097524]
  • Safe and effective ingredients!
    Scalp care functional cosmetics. Free from harsh chemicals, formulated with natural ingredients.

    • Formulated with carefully selected natural and highly effective ingredients
    • Various techniques of derma technology are used, such as fermentation, molecular method, and low temperature extracting method.
    • Wellkincosmetics is the only product in Korea that combines scalp and skin care technology.
  • Developed by Korean No.1 scalp professional company, with essence of our 22 years of beauty research and experience of managing 300,000 clients.

    • Out of 100 products developed, most effective products were selected and launched as WELLKIN COSMETICS.
    • 12 years of accumulated cosmetic manufacturing experience.
    • The origin of WELLKIN COSMETICS comes from hypo allergenic aesthetic cosmetic, Derma Solution, launched in 2006.

Antioxidant Patented Ingredient
Solep Alpha Complex-6

Effectively improves scalp condition and treats hair loss issues by the antioxidant properties formulated with 6 carefully selected natural ingredients that are low temperature vacuum extracted.


Solep Alpha Complex-6

Special extraction method of Solep Complex that
increases the absorption rate and content of natural
ingredients for skin to bring the best clinical results.


Ingredients and benefits

6 types of plants sourced from pure Jeju Island, Korea

  • Aloe

    Moisturizes, antibacterial, antioxidant, wound healing

  • Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract

    Antioxidant ,anti-inflammatory, stimulates hair growth, prevents hair going grey

  • Aronia

    Antioxidant (rich source of polyphenol), moisturizes

  • Jeju Cactus

    Holds moisture, improves elasticity, antioxidant, antibacterial, protects skin

  • Cordyceps Militaris

    Protects hair, strengthens the cuticles, improves skin texture, moisturizes

  • Sparassis Crispa

    Moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, promotes skin regeneration, stimulates production of collagen


3-step extraction process of Solep Alpha Complex-6

Special extraction method of Solep Complex that increases the absorption rate and content of natural ingredients for skin to bring the best clinical results.

Step 1. Low temperature vacuum drying

  • Fruits and flowers which are vulnerable to heat are low temperature vacuum dried to minimize destruction of nutrients.
  • Vacuum dried condensate preserves its natural water, property including its natural scent.

Step 2. Ultrasonic extraction

  • Freeze dried natural ingredients go through ultrasonic extraction at low temperature to preserve natural property of ingredients.

Step 3. The final product 1) Condensate and 2) Extract (powder) are combined for Solep Alpha Complex -6.